Control Up to 12 Separate Temperature Zones

Comfort System™ zone control allows you to use only one HVAC unit and have up to 12 separate temperature zones, or areas, controlled by individual thermostats and motorized dampers located in the ductwork.

If you use programmable thermostats, not only do you get the comfort you want but also the energy savings you demand. Programmable thermostats allow you to set the time and temperature of each zone in the home without having to constantly adjust the thermostats.

This innovative comfort system allows you to accommodate your lifestyle and control your utility bills.

It’s not complicated. The system is easy to maintain with thermostats acting as the “command center” for controlling your home’s indoor air comfort. The Comfort System will work with virtually any standard thermostat. This allows you to have choices such as programmable, non-programmable, simple or complex. You simply set the desired room temperature and/or schedule for each zone and forget it.

As a certified contractor, T.A. Kaiser can provide the overall system design and installation to add Comfort System™ zone control in your own home.

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