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Breathe Easier with Moist Air

Whole home humidification is important for comfort, allowing you to breathe easier, and for the care of wood surfaces and furnishings.  When the air inside a home is kept at less than 40% humidity, residents will experience more shocks from … Continue reading

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Win a New Furnace at the Home Show

How would you like to win a new furnace?   Well, you can!  We’ll be giving one away at the 2015 Indianapolis Home Show ( Jan 23 to Feb 1) and it’s simple to enter. Just visit our booth at the … Continue reading

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NOW HIRING – Payroll Administrator

 IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY –  PAYROLL ADMINISTRATOR !!! TA Kaiser Heating & Air is NOW HIRING a Payroll Administrator – Accounting Assistant. Approximately 25-30 hours per week with possibility of future full-time position. Must have average Microsoft Office knowledge with above average … Continue reading

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Frozen Heat Pump

If you are a homeowner who has seen a frozen heat pump in your yard, here is what you need to know. When you see a light coating of frost, that is normal and not a problem, and it should resolve itself … Continue reading

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Dirty Filters Cause Breakdowns

The air filter in a heating/cooling system is one of the first things we check on a service call, because dirty filters cause breakdowns and loss of efficiency.   A filter change is also one of the quickest and easiest … Continue reading

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Avoid Snow Buildup Blocking Vents

If we get a lot of snow this year, you might discover snow buildup blocking vents and affecting your heating equipment.  You want to avoid that so start planning for it now. High efficiency furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces and other … Continue reading

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Top 5 Warning Signs for Gas Furnaces

If you pay attention to these warning signs, you can wisely decide to replace your gas furnace before it costs you money or becomes unsafe.   Don’t wait until it stops working on a cold night in January.  Look at the … Continue reading

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5-2-1 HVAC Surge Protection

You have invested a lot of money in a furnace, heat pump or other HVAC equipment that provides comfort for your family.   You should also invest in HVAC surge protection to avoid a large repair or replacement expense due to a … Continue reading

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Annual Maintenance Plan for $169

GET AN ANNUAL MAINTENANCE PLAN NOW All mechanical systems need periodic tuneups to keep them working properly, and we are offering annual maintenance plans now for only $169.   That includes 2 visits, scheduled at your convenience, and the checking, … Continue reading

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What is Emergency Heat?

Homeowners who have heat pumps see an extra setting on their thermostat labeled “Emergency Heat (or E.M Heat)”, along with the standard settings “Heat,” “Off” and “Cool.”  This setting is confusing for many people and improper use of it can … Continue reading

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