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Zone Your Home for More Comfort

With a big home, or with an office, you can save on energy costs by dividing the space into 2 or more zones and then heating or cooling them differently depending on the activity in each zone.   That is … Continue reading

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May I Remind You?

This is the card we use to remind customers when it’s time to check their system and  make sure everything is working properly.    With our annual maintenance agreement, you don’t have to remember it — and even better — … Continue reading

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Am I Losing Hot Air?

Although your family may think you have plenty of hot air, even enough to spare, your HVAC system might be losing it and you could be unaware of that fact.   If heated air is not flowing properly into all … Continue reading

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Where is All the Energy Going?

Sometimes you look at your electricity bill (especially recently) and wonder how you used that many Kilowatts (a thousand watts) in just one month.   Where is all the energy going?And how can you know for sure if you’re wasting … Continue reading

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What is Auxiliary Heat?

The term Auxiliary Heat is not well understood, as shown by this recent contact from a customer: “Our system thermostat is reading Aux Heat when the heat turns on as of today.  Just started this morning. What is the issue?” … Continue reading

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Does Closing Vents Save Money?

Lots of people believe that closing vents in unused rooms will save money on their utility bill.  The truth is that closing vents might cause harm to your system that will cost you more in the long run. Although many … Continue reading

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Furnace Odor May Mean Trouble

With the house closed up and the heating system running a lot, you might be smelling an unusual furnace odor in your home.  Some odors can indicate specific issues with your system, so you should check into the cause if … Continue reading

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Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Radiant floor heating has been used for centuries. The Romans channeled hot air under the floors of their villas which warmed the floors; the Koreans channeled hot flue gases under their floors before venting them up the chimney; and in … Continue reading

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Breathe Easier with Moist Air

Whole home humidification is important for comfort, allowing you to breathe easier, and for the care of wood surfaces and furnishings.  When the air inside a home is kept at less than 40% humidity, residents will experience more shocks from … Continue reading

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Win a New Furnace at the Home Show

How would you like to win a new furnace?   Well, you can!  We’ll be giving one away at the 2015 Indianapolis Home Show ( Jan 23 to Feb 1) and it’s simple to enter. Just visit our booth at the … Continue reading

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