Geothermal = the Answer for Comfort

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are popular mostly due to the low operating costs and environmentally responsible operation.  Comfort is an advantage that is often overlooked in the initial purchasing process.

Most homeowners purchase the system for the operating costs savings, but once the system is installed, they notice an additional benefit; improved comfort.

  • In cooling, a geothermal heat pump provides better dehumidification than conventional air conditioning systems, causing the indoor humidity to be lower, thus more comfortable.  A special dehumidification mode is available for ClimateMaster systems when the variable speed (ECM) fan motor is installed.  ClimaDry, ClimateMaster’s whole house dehumidifier option for electric heat pumps, provides even more dehumidification for high humidity locations.
  • In heating, geothermal heat pumps provide warmer air temperatures (typically 95-105°F) than conventional air source heat pumps (typically 85-95°F), but because they are sized to run significantly more than a fossil fuel (natural gas, fuel oil or propane) furnace, they don’t “blast” hot air followed by an extended time when air is not being circulated.  Most fossil fuel furnaces deliver hot (125-140°F), air when operating.  The steady, warm air is provided by a geothermal heat pump provides the most comfortable heating system available.
  • In heating and cooling, advanced technology utilized in today’s geothermal systems enhance comfort even more.  Two-stage compressors “match” the heating or cooling needs to the outdoor weather conditions.  Ninety percent of the time, these systems run in first stage, increasing comfort by automatically adjusting the capacity to the needs of the home.  Variable speed fan motors allow different fan speeds for heating, cooling, dehumidification and continuous fan operation.  Plus, variable speed fans speed up or slow down to maintain airflow.

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