Whole House Humidifier

Whole House Humidifier

Did you know that the average indoor humidity can be lower than in the desert? Because of that, a whole house humidifier is a good option to help increase the humidity levels in your house. Whole house humidifiers require less maintenance than a small, portable room-sized unit.  They can also help you save on your energy bills by making the air easier to breath.

If you have small children, or senior family members who have difficulty breathing, they need the right quality of air.  Keeping the air at the right level of humidity also protects wooden furniture, hardwood floors and musical instruments from cracking which can lead to expensive repair bills.   Moist air is more comfortable and feels warmer, so you might be able to turn down your thermostat this winter instead of turning it up!

The newest units are also low in maintenance requirements, and come with easy to change pads and filters.  With a humidistat, all you have to do is dial in the percentage of humidity you want, and the system will add water vapor at the right time.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy it.

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