Storms Damage Air Conditioning Units, too!

Storms Damage Air Conditioning Units, too!

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Here in the Midwest, severe summer weather often hits close to home. Storms and tornadoes are a reality where we live, so we all know that they can cause serious damage to your home, including your HVAC system.  Storms damage air conditioning units!

Planning ahead can keep your family safe in the event of a natural disaster. Often, the damage can leave neighborhoods without electricity, which may take time to restore. In order to keep your HVAC system and other essential appliances running in the event of a power failure, consider having a backup generator installed.

You may find that your air conditioning unit is not working after a storm. The system may have lost power, so check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. If this does not restore power to your unit, there may be serious damage to the electrical panel or connection.

You’re probably familiar with the damage straight-line winds and hail can cause to your home’s roofing and siding, but your HVAC system’s outdoor components can also be damaged. There may be obvious damage to exterior of your HVAC equipment, such as dents to your air conditioning unit.

Interior components can also been affected, which may be harder to spot. Just because everything looks good and is working now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your equipment checked. Exterior heat pump equipment is a great example- if there is no visible damage, you may not have any concerns until cooler weather moves in. Storms can cause damage which may not be an issue initially, but could lead to major problems down the road. If you don’t find out about them right away, your homeowner’s insurance may not consider it storm damage or cover associated costs later.

If your area is hit hard by storms, you may be flooded with offers for free estimates to fix damage. Make sure you’re getting a quote from a qualified HVAC technician who is trained to properly inspect your equipment for damage and quote repairs. T.A. Kaiser’s team of trained HVAC technicians are available to assist you. In many cases, storm damage may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, and we can provide the proper documentation needed. Contact us if you suspect damage from this latest round of storms.

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