Prevent Air Conditioning Freeze Ups

Prevent Air Conditioning Freeze Ups

takadmin July 10, 2012 0 Comments Air Conditioning, Efficiency Tips

We’ve been having some brutal days over 100 degrees here in Central Indiana recently.  On days like these, your air conditioning unit is working hard to keep you cool- but be careful! Overworking your air conditioner can cause it to freeze up, leaving your home the opposite.

Some people believe setting your thermostat down low will make your home cool off quicker, but that is not a true statement. Setting the thermostat way down creates stress on the compressor of your air conditioning unit, and can cause it to freeze over and quit working.  Plus, it also increases your energy bill unnecessarily, and who wants that ?!?!

Its easy to overlook routine maintenance in the summer months between vacations and other activities, so make sure to take the time to check your air filter. A dirty air filter could be restricting the air flow to your condensing unit, causing condensed water to freeze on the coils before it can drain.

A clog in your unit’s drain can also cause this problem. Check and clear the drain pipe. Its a good idea to check this weekly during hot weather. If water isn’t coming out the drain pipe, it could be running down inside your furnace, creating rust which can destroy it. Plus, if its not flowing out, more moisture is being sent back into your home, increasing the humidity.

Having a regular maintenance check of your air conditioning unit before the summer season could save you time and trouble down the road. Even though Summer is already here, we can still do it now. During this check, your HVAC technician will check your refrigerant level and make sure your coil is clean; two culprits of air conditioning freeze ups. TA Kaiser offers Annual Maintenance services which can help prevent these problems and keep you cool on these hot days.

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