Save Money While You’re Gone

Save Money While You’re Gone

takadmin June 12, 2012 0 Comments Efficiency Tips

School is out and the kids are ready for a road trip… so are you!  And whether you are going away for a month or just for a weekend, you can save money while you are gone on heating and cooling costs.  Make a few simple adjustments and see the savings!

Here are three simple tips to cut costs and save money:

  1. Adjust the setting on your system to 85 degrees.You system will only come on if it gets warmer than that in your house, it won’t run long to get it back under 85, and it won’t take much to get back to the normal temperature when you get back.
  2. Make sure you have a clean air filter before you go.This can save 5-15% by itself.
  3. Close the drapes and blinds.If you block the sun from heating the house, you won’t have to pay to cool it.
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