Five Tips for Summer Air Conditioning

Want to know how to get the most from your air conditioning system this summer? Here are five tips for you that will save money and increase efficiency.

  1. Make sure your outdoor unit is clean and free of mulch or weeds.  If air can’t flow around it, clear away whatever is obstructing it.
  2. Use fans until the A/C is really needed, because sometimes a fan is all you need to keep you comfortable.  If you put the fan by a window, pull in cool air from the shady side of the house, not warm air from the sunny side.
  3. Make sure the vents are clear and the air is flowing through both the outlets and the return air grilles.  Move any drapes or furniture that is blocking the air.  
  4. Use your dryer only in the evening or early in the morningYour clothes dryer blows air out of the house, which causes the system to draw in outside air, and your air conditioner just has to work harder to cool it down.
  5. Turn off your humidifier for the summer. You don’t want more humidity in your home because it just makes your air conditioner have to run longer.Make sure you set it to the “summer” or “off” setting before you start your air conditioner.
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